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Budget Wargaming Miniatures: Halo Nano Metalfigs

There’s no denying that miniature modeling and painting are huge parts of the tabletop wargaming hobby. It’s probably fair to say that many wargaming fans spend a lot more time assembling, converting and painting their miniatures than they do actually playing tabletop wargames. On the flip side of the coin …

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Miniature Wargaming at The Wizard’s Chest, Denver

 We recently did a little discretionary shopping and a lot of wide-eyed, undignified sightseeing at the amazing Wizard’s Chest emporium at 451 Broadway in Denver, Colorado. Billed as Denver’s “most magical toy store and costume shop,” The Wizard’s Chest offers 16,000 square feet of nerdy goodness packed into a …

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Tabletop Gaming Loot from GenghisCon 41

 When we attended GenghisCon 41 in Aurora, Colo., last month, we made sure to budget in a little mad money for the vendor hall. We certainly don’t need any more wargaming dice, miniatures or rulebooks, but it’s too much fun to shop for them at a Con, and most …

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Rise of the Exiled Kickstarter Campaign

If you watched our video coverage of the Tacticon 2017 tabletop gaming convention in Denver last fall, then you probably saw a few seconds of zippy Rise of the Exiled gameplay. Combining dexterity, strategy, luck and colorful fantasy elements, Rise of the Exiled is a fast-playing tabletop combat game where players …

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Early Unsanctioned Star Wars Miniatures

These two pewter Star Wars figures probably had the manufacturer’s name engraved on the bottom of their bases when I bought them roughly 40 years ago. However I remember my enthusiastic pre-teen self filing off those identifying marks, along with a fair amount of metal flash, in an effort to make …

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