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Bikers Vs. Zombies

Just mucking about with the camera settings for close-up shots this morning. It seems that school’s out for summer and a pack of monster kids wants to feast on some juicy biker brains. Fortunately, extra firepower arrives on motorcycle just as the demon spawn overrun the barricades. Perhaps some well-placed buckshot will even the odds.

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World of Warcraft Miniatures Game

We rolled the dice and wagered $30 on eBay to purchase this blind lot of figures from the long-defunct World of Warcraft collectible miniatures game. Some of the minis are rubbish, others are overly cartoony and a few are actually pretty cool, so we more or less got what we expected. We’ll put some of them to use, for …

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Something Stirs in the Creative Abyss

Welcome to the “soft launch” of In the weeks and months ahead we’ll be posting a variety of videos and articles dedicated to skirmish-level miniature wargaming, ranging from some of the most popular rules systems on the market, to retro and independent games that maybe you’ve never even heard …

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