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Budget Wargaming Miniatures: Halo Nano Metalfigs

There’s no denying that miniature modeling and painting are huge parts of the tabletop wargaming hobby. It’s probably fair to say that many wargaming fans spend a lot more time assembling, converting and painting their miniatures than they do actually playing tabletop wargames. On the flip side of the coin …

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Wargaming Terrain with Giant Skulls

It’s been said that creativity is a form of insanity and that certainly applies when one starts building wargame terrain. Suddenly it’s impossible to go into Goodwill, Dollar Tree or heaven forbid a model railroad shop, and not acquire some toy, widget or random bit of hardware on the off …

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Test of Honour Samurai Wargaming Terrain

In a rare but ultimately futile exercise of willpower, I actually put the Test of Honour Scenery Set from Sarissa Precision back on the shelf after I first picked it up in the Warlord Games booth at GhengisCon 41, which was held Feb. 15-18, 2018, in Aurora, Colo. Sarissa Precision …

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Star Wars Miniatures Battles Starter Boxes

The upcoming Star Wars: Legion miniatures game from Fantasy Flight Games appears to be generating a tremendous amount of buzz in the global wargaming community. And why wouldn’t it? Adapting the world’s biggest science fiction franchise to the tabletop wargaming environment seems like a slam dunk, particularly given the success …

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Tacticon and Rocky Mountain Con 2017

Colorado-based gaming convention Tacticon 29 was held Sept. 28 — Oct. 1, 2017 at the Crowne Plaza Airport Convention Center in Denver. This year’s Tacticon was held in conjunction with comic book, collectible and Sci-Fi convention Rocky Mountain Con 5, allowing registrants to attend both events in the same venue. …

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Something Stirs in the Creative Abyss

Welcome to the “soft launch” of SkirmishWargames.com. In the weeks and months ahead we’ll be posting a variety of videos and articles dedicated to skirmish-level miniature wargaming, ranging from some of the most popular rules systems on the market, to retro and independent games that maybe you’ve never even heard …

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