All Quiet on the Martian Front Wargaming Miniatures and Terrain

Occasionally I’ll find a heavily discounted wargaming item or collection that’s simply too good to pass up, even if I don’t play the game in question.

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Case in point, a few months back we purchased a large tub of metal miniatures, plastic vehicle sprues and various terrain pieces for All Quiet on the Martian Front (paid link), a 15mm tabletop wargame published by Robot Peanut Studios in 2013 and sold under the Alien Dungeon brand.

A vendor at a local tabletop gaming convention was selling the entire collection for $25, tub included. As I curiously examined some of the visible sprues, uncertain of what I was looking at, the dealer prompted, “Make me an offer!”

“Twenty bucks?” I suggested. And that was that. Only later, when I discovered the All Quiet on the Martian Front rulebook at the bottom of the tub, did I realize I had acquired a sizable collection of Martian tripods, American steam tanks and a host of metal infantry and resin terrain pieces.

Apparently the current edition of All Quiet on the Martian front is no longer supported by the original publisher, though the impressively illustrated rulebook is still available online, as are many of the game’s miniatures and vehicles.

However, we’ve heard that another publisher has purchased rights to the game and that a new version of All Quiet on the Martian Front is being demonstrated at Gen Con 2019 in Indianapolis, Aug. 1-4. We look forward to learning more about the updated game once details are officially announced.

Until that time comes, we’ve been cannibalizing the armored hatches, doors and sponsons from the steam tank sprues and using them for other projects. Hopefully that won’t unduly deplete the forces of humanity, in case they’re called up to repel another Martian offensive.

To watch us unbox our sizable All Quite on the Martian Front miniatures haul, just click on the video player at the top of this post.