AT-43 ONI Army Box from Rackham

While AT-43 Operation Damocles Initiation Sets (paid link) are still relatively easy to acquire, AT-43’s other box sets are somewhat harder find, especially the 2009 ONI Army Box.

AT-43 is of course the science-fiction themed tabletop miniatures game from Rackham Entertainment, which also produced the Confrontation Age of Rag’Narok (paid link) fantasy miniatures game, as well as the previous editions of Confrontation.

AT-43 and Age of Rag’Narok both differ from Rackham’s earlier games in that they incorporated pre-painted miniatures, vehicles and terrain pieces, as opposed to the elegant metal minis produced for the first three editions of Confrontation.

Rackham released a number of box sets for AT-43, including the Operation Damocles Initiation Set, and army boxes for the Cog, Red Blok and ONI factions. ONI stands for Okamura Non-Aligned Industries, a vast galactic consortium involved in everything from food production, medicine and construction, to weapons manufacturing and soldiers for hire.

ONI maintains a vast private army to defend its interests and those of its clientele. And thanks to ONI’s miraculous O Serum, the corporation is able to field legions of technologically enhanced zombies, who charge fearlessly into battle.

The AT-43 ONI Army Box contains a “battle-ready” 2000-point ONI strike force, comprised of Detonator Virus Zombies, Alpha Tacarm Zombies, Reanimator Alpha Super Zombies, a Heavy Battle Tank AFV, a Medium Destroyer AFV, and force leader Shogun Bokov.

The boxed set also includes a full-color battle mat, six concrete barriers and an ONI shipping container, as well as cards, dice and everything else needed to play AT-43.

As we mentioned, ONI Army Boxes can be challenging to find these days. To see exactly what’s inside this elusive box set, please enjoy the video at the top of this post.