AT-43 Red Blok Faction Box from Rackham

In our latest Skirmish Wargames bonus video, we unpack a 2009 Red Blok Army Box filled with pre-painted minis, war machines and terrain pieces for the AT-43 tabletop miniatures game from Rackham Entertainment (paid link).

Like the ONI Army Box that we opened in a previous video, the Red Blok faction box contains a table-ready 2,000 point army, comprised of grunt infantry, special forces, armored war walkers and special characters. The box also includes pre-painted barriers and a Red Block shipping container, as well as the requisite rules, dice and accessories necessary to play the game.

The quality of the pre-painted Red Blok figures is frankly less consistent than minis from some of the other Rackham box sets. While the painted Red Blok war machines and terrain pieces are perfectly respectable, the infantry figures have slapdash paint jobs at best, perhaps because of Rackham’s financial difficulties at the time.

Quality issues aside however, the Red Blok faction set does deliver a complete sci-fi army that’s painted, based and ready to deploy, right out of the box. That means gamers can spend less time building and painting miniatures, and more time actually playing games, which for a lot of tabletop enthusiasts is a very appealing feature.

The AT-43 Red Blok Army Box is a bit harder to find these days than the more common AT-43 Operation Damocles Initiation Set. However Red Blok expansion packs and loose figures are still routinely available online. That means if you can’t acquire a complete box set, it’s still possible to build a respectable Red Blok army from individual units. (Which might be cheaper anyway.)

To watch us release a Rackham Red Blok army from the confines of its original packaging, check out the video at the top of this post.