Battle Masters Miniatures Game, Retro Unboxing

For our latest retro unboxing video, we open a fading (but nearly complete) copy of Battle Masters, the epic game of fantasy battles, produced by Milton Bradley and designed by Games Workshop. 

While not aimed at Games Workshop’s traditional customers, this ambitious 1992 collaboration is still a veritable treasure trove of vintage GW miniatures. Battle Masters‘ mass-market figures are the same scale as classic Warhammer Fantasy Battle minis, making it easy for thrifty gamers to repurpose them for old-school WFB armies.

It seems very likely that Battle Masters was an attempt to design a simplified fantasy miniatures game for kids who might already be playing board games or RPGs, but who hadn’t embraced tabletop wargaming yet.

No doubt GW has hoping that Battle Masters would attract a new audience of fledgling wargamers, and perhaps prep them for more complex games like Warhammer Fantasy Battle. Whether it did in any significant numbers is unclear however, as apparently Battle Masters didn’t stick around for very long.

Several hobbyists told us that they purchased clearance copies of Battle Masters from major toy retailers at the tempting price of just $10 a box, which would translate into about 10 cents per plastic miniature. Had we been paying attention back when Battle Masters was discontinued, we certainly would have nabbed a few of those clearance copies ourselves!

While each troop type in Battle Masters is represented by just a single sculpt, the hefty box set does contain a surprisingly wide variety of different troops, including an ogre champion, wolf riders, chaos cavalry, orcs, goblins, beastmen, chaos warriors, chaos archers, imperial knights, lord knights, men at arms, imperial archers, crossbowmen and even a mighty cannon with crew.

For a closer look at all these GW-inspired figures from the classic Milton Bradley Battle Masters game, just check out the retro unboxing video at the top of this post.