Blood Bowl 2nd Edition Unboxing

Miniature wargaming enthusiasts sometimes joke about the “mountain of lead” or “pile of shame,” when referring to the horde of unpainted miniatures that tends to accumulate over the years, as the rate of acquisition outstrips the time (or motivation) available to build, paint and base them.

In the case of my late 1980s collection of metal Blood Bowl miniatures, I had every intention of painting them some day, which is why I’ve been hauling them around in a trunk for the last three decades. While other classic games regrettably went in the dumpster over time, I just couldn’t discard my Blood Bowl Second Edition (paid link) box set, or any of the lead Blood Bowl teams I purchased along with it.

And I’m glad I didn’t, because now, finally, after 31 years, the time has come to dust off those vintage Blood Bowl miniatures and get them ready to hit the astrogranite. Game Workshop’s fantasy football game may be on its fifth edition now, but we have a hankering to play some old-school second edition Blood Bowl, complete with star players, chainsaw loonies and goblin fanatics on their pogo sticks of doom.

In preparation for game time, we’ve posted a “retro unboxing” video showing the contents of the Blood Bowl second edition box set, as well the Blood Bowl Star Players hardback supplement book, some special late-1980s Blood Bowl rules from the pages of White Dwarf magazine, and a host of vintage metal Blood Bowl teams and rare individual miniatures.

So if you’re a fan of the Blood Bowl fantasy football game from Games Workshop, or just enjoy retro tabletop gaming artifacts from the pre-internet dark ages, check out our unboxing of the classic Blood Bowl second edition starter set from 1988. And then stay tuned for our upcoming Blood Bowl gameplay videos, featuring metal miniatures from yesteryear.