Brutality Skirmish Wargame, Bandits vs Cannibals

Crystal-pilfering bandits incur the wrath of hungry, hungry cannibals, as we test-drive the Brutality Skirmish Wargame designed by hobbyist, columnist and podcaster Scott Wainwright.

Brutality players assemble outrageous warbands of four to eight models, using virtually any 28mm miniatures from their collections, regardless of wargaming genre or historical time period. For example, a Brutality squad containing a ruthless space pirate, a neanderthal shaman, a French musketeer and an acid-blooded xenomorph is perfectly acceptable.

Once assembled into a team, these disparate champions from across the multiverse are then hurled into violent skirmishes with other warbands, fighting eternally on a continent of never-ending strife, which inhabitants call The Brutal Realm, or simply The Brutality.

The Brutality Skirmish Wargame is designed for quick gameplay within a rich and diverse narrative world, offering players nearly unlimited potential for creating unique storylines and scenarios. The game is also engineered to be extremely balanced, so each individual soldier, no matter what his or her troop type, has at least the potential to challenge any other unit on the battlefield.

Brutality has been in development since 2016 and is available as a free ruleset on the Brutality Skirmish Wargame Facebook page. However, there is also a newly published deluxe version of the rules which is available for purchase as either a digital PDF or a full-color hardback book.

This expanded version of Brutality includes copious lore for the various factions, a campaign mode, new unit abilities, and full solo and co-op rules, as well as a slew of other additions. You can pick up a copy of your very own at

Want to learn a bit more about the Brutality Skirmish Wargame? Check out our gameplay video at the top of this post.