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Aim for Their Heads!

Another camera test in the game room. As the zombie hoard closes in, the last of the special forces troopers opens fire from within the defensive perimeter, trying to make every shot count. If the mass of undead cannibals breaches the barricades, it’s all over for this tiny remaining pocket …

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Outlaws Vs Tyrannosaur

Anyone remember The Valley of Gwangi, the classic cowboys vs. dinosaurs movie featuring the work of stop-motion animation genius Ray Harryhausen? Our Old-West/Prehistoric Creature mashup has a somewhat different story line. In our tabletop tale, three outlaws try to ambush a T-Rex, using one of their gang members as bait. …

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Yetis Roam the Ruins

Depth-of-field experiment in the game room. The only remaining obstacle standing between our heroes and the possible treasure secreted in the ancient ruins ahead is a violently territorial pack of carnivorous arctic protohumans. Fame and fortune await, Gents. Show those oversized albino monkeys who’s boss.

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World of Warcraft Miniatures Game

We rolled the dice and wagered $30 on eBay to purchase this blind lot of figures from the long-defunct World of Warcraft collectible miniatures game. Some of the minis are rubbish and others are a bit cartoony, but quite a few are actually pretty cool, so we more or less got what we expected. We’ll put some …

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