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Romans vs Werewolves Skirmish Wargame

Being huge fans of the space opera genre, last year we backed the Kickstarter campaign for Fistful of Lead: Galactic Heroes, “a quick and easy set of wargaming rules for skirmishes in the far future.” You can watch our Galactic Heroes unboxing and gameplay demonstration video Right Here if you’d …

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Swords & Spells Favorite Wargaming Moment

Click for Info The first tabletop wargaming book I ever purchased was the classic Swords & Spells “rules for large-scale miniatures battles based on the game Dungeons and Dragons,” written by the man himself, Gary Gygax. Since my friends and I were big fans of both original and Advanced Dungeons …

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Dust 1947 Cthulhu Mythos Faction

In the last decade, both Fantasy Flight Games and Battlefront Miniatures have published their own versions of Dust Tactics, a tactical miniatures board game set in Paolo Parente’s alternate WWII universe. But in 2016, Dust Studio retook the reins and published its own Dust ruleset: Paolo Parente’s Dust 1947 system …

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Galactic Heroes Sci-Fi Skirmish Game

If the idea of a fast, fun and affordable space-opera skirmish game makes you want to shout “Dispatch war rocket Ajax,” then you’ll probably enjoy the new Fistful of Lead: Galactic Heroes release from independent publisher Wiley Games. Galactic Heroes describes itself as a “quick and easy set of wargaming …

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Star Wars Miniatures Battles Game

With Star Wars: The Last Jedi hitting theaters next month and Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars: Legion, a “miniatures game of infantry battles in the Star Wars galaxy,” due to be released in the first-quarter of 2018 (or perhaps even earlier), it’s safe to say that licensed Star Wars games …

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