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Star Wars Wargaming Buildings and Terrain

 Before Fantasy Flight Games even announced plans for their Star Wars: Legion tabletop miniatures game, we were already building terrain pieces for use with the venerable Star Wars Miniatures Battles rules from West End Games, and also mulling over the possibilities of using said terrain for grid-free games of …

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Wargaming Terrain with Giant Skulls

It’s been said that creativity is a form of insanity and that certainly applies when one starts building wargame terrain. Suddenly it’s impossible to go into Goodwill, Dollar Tree or heaven forbid a model railroad shop, and not acquire some toy, widget or random bit of hardware on the off …

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Test of Honour Samurai Wargaming Terrain

In a rare but ultimately futile exercise of willpower, I actually put the Test of Honour Scenery Set from Sarissa Precision back on the shelf after I first picked it up in the Warlord Games booth at GhengisCon 41, which was held Feb. 15-18, 2018, in Aurora, Colo. Sarissa Precision …

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Industrial Tower Wargaming Terrain

 On a mission to make some homemade desert wargaming terrain suitable for games of Star Wars Miniatures Battles or Star Wars: Legion, we took a trip to the local thrift store to see what suitable bits and bobs might be available on the cheap. It was a classic case …

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Easy Foam Wargaming Terrain

One gratifying thing about using faux crumbling stone walls as wargaming terrain pieces is that they fit nicely into almost any genre of tabletop miniature games, whether it be fantasy, historical, modern day or science fiction. Plus as we discovered, they’re super easy to shape out of pieces of soft …

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Star Wars Legion Super Cheap Terrain Ideas

Unless I’m forgetting something from years ago, this homemade miniatures wargaming terrain for Star Wars: Legion and Star Wars Miniatures Battles is the first gaming terrain that we’ve ever actually made ourselves. Ok, I take that back. I think I did cut up a Tide detergent box back in the …

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