Combat Zone Skirmish Wargame and Miniatures

In our latest Skirmish Wargames YouTube video we investigate Combat Zone, a dystopian, gang-warfare miniatures game that’s been around for at least two decades.

No doubt influenced by movies like Mad Max, Robocop and Escape from New York, Combat Zone takes place in a near-future urban hellscape, where mega-corporations have usurped the government, building fortified havens to protect their interests, while leaving the rest of society to crumble.

The lawless areas outside these corporate safe zones have descended into chaos. Heavily armed gangs rule the war-torn streets, battling with each other for turf, resources and bragging rights. Given the opportunity, the gangs will also attack any corporate security teams foolish enough to leave the safety of their walled enclaves. 

Combat Zone packs all of its gameplay info into a lean, 32-page rulebook, 10 of which are devoted to a mini campaign. However, there are also a number of additional scenarios and unofficial rules available at, the Combat Zone webzine.

While Combat Zone can be played with virtually any modern or post-apocalyptic figures, online retailer EM4 Miniatures has at various times offered both plastic and pre-painted pewter minis specifically for the game. Some of these products were still available on the EM4 website the last time we checked, though supplies appear to be dwindling.

To watch our full discussion on Combat Zone, the near-future gang warfare game, and to check out some interesting pre-painted wargaming minis from EM4 Miniatures, just fire up the video player at the top of this post.