Confrontation Batrep III, Undead vs. Alchemists

Our third test-drive of Rackham’s Confrontation Age of Rag’narok fantasy miniatures wargame is a capture the relics scenario, pitting the Alchemists of Dirz against the undead forces of the Ram. This is a significant shift from our last two Confrontation batreps, which featured the soldiers of the Temple army battling the savage forces of the Wolfen.

For this conflict, the laboratories of the Dirz army have dispatched a unit of cloned Crossbowmen, with battle claws and sophisticated crossbows grafted directly onto their arms. These gruesome missile troops are supported by a unit of heavily armored Sentinels, ready to cleave all opponents with their powerful halberd swords. And finally, two terrifying Dasyatis Evolution war beasts augment the Dirz forces, providing a double dose of shock and awe.

On the opposite side of the table, the hellish forces of Acheron have summoned a unit of Undead Thralls, lead by a Necromancer Skull, who has the power to reanimate one his destroyed warriors after slaying a living soldier of the enemy. The skeleton warriors are assisted by a unit of unholy Black Paladins, whose magic weapons and armor give them tremendous advantages in combat. For air support, the necromancers of the Ram have conjured three demonic Gargoyles, powerful flying shock troops that ignore terrain.

This skirmish between Scorpion and Ram forces plays out the cobblestone streets of an ancient city ruin, as both sides try to capture a number of magical relics with hidden point values. Once a relic is picked up and marched off the opposite side of the battlefield, it becomes the property of the army that secured it. However the point value of that particular artifact won’t be revealed until the end of the game.

Who will triumph in this epic contest between the vat-born clones of the technomancers and the reanimated soldiers of the necromancers? Just watch our latest Confrontation Age of Rag’Narok battle report to find out.