Confrontation Age of Rag’Narok Ram Army Box

In our last video we perused a veritable hoard of discount Confrontation Age of Rag’Narok miniatures that we purchased on clearance, including the excellent Confrontation starter box, which includes basic units from both the Griffin and Wolfen armies.

In this video, we examine the much harder-to-find Ram of Acheron Legion of the Damned 2,000-point army box, released by Rackham Entertainment in 2009, about a year before the company went out of business.

This “battle ready” set of pre-painted plastic miniatures includes 16 Undead Thralls, lead by an Abysmal Skull, an Undying Skull, a Necromancer Skull and a Toxic Skull. The army box also includes four Black Paladins, three Gargoyles, the Great Skull legendary hero (scourge of the living) and four terrain elements. There’s also a basic ruleset, paper gaming mat, 12 dice and a Ram army tape measure, as well as stat cards for the various Ram of Acheron units include in the box.

Unlike the Confrontation Age of Rag’Narok starter box and the 2010 Wolfen army box (which oddly features only partially-painted miniatures), the Ram army box isn’t still available from online retailers. (As far as we know.) Examples of the Ram army box do occasionally come up for auction, but they typically command a much higher price than the other Age of Rag’Narok boxed sets.

This isn’t surprising, since the Ram of Acheron miniatures, particularly the Undead Thralls, are quite exceptional for pre-painted plastics, and will fit right in with almost any undead-themed fantasy army.

After Rackham went out of business around 2010, we’re told that many gaming stores began selling their remaining Age of Rag’Narok inventory below retail just to get it off the shelves. Had we been paying closer attention, we would have certainly picked up several of Rackham’s various army boxes at that time. If we didn’t use them for playing Confrontation, the miniatures and terrain pieces could still easily be incorporated into other gaming systems.

To take a closer look at the coveted 2009 Confrontation Age of Rag’Narok Ram army box, just check out the video above.