Confrontation Age of Rag’Narok, Temple vs. Wolfen

As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, over the last year we accumulated a sizable stash of pre-painted plastic miniatures made for the medieval fantasy skirmish game Confrontation Age of Rag’Narok, published a decade ago by French gaming company Rackham.

To get a better handle on the Confrontation AoG rules, the capabilities of the various units, and measuring distances in centimeters rather than inches, we recently filmed several Age of Rag’Narok battle reports, the first of which you’ll find above.

Today’s scenario is a modified and expanded version of the Seal of the Dragon introductory game featured in the Confrontation Age of Rag’narok rulebook. We added a couple of extra units and two bridges to the original king-of-the-hill scenario, but it’s still primarily a race to grab key objectives and then a brawl to hold them long enough to accumulate the requisite number of victory points.

On one side of the raging, impassible river stands the fearsome Wolfen horde, made up of swift Hunters, vicious Fangs (with a damage-mitigating Repentant) and Serethis the grey hunter, who is not leading a unit in this scenario.

Their opponents are loyal soldiers of the Temple army, including a large contingent of Spearmen (with a moral-boosting Standard Bearer), a unit of ruthless Executioners, and the grizzled commander Abel.

With Serethis and the Wolfen Hunters being twice as fast as the armored human foot soldiers, the Temple army is at a distinct disadvantage in the sprint to control battlefield objectives. Will sheer numbers and the death-dealing Executioners be enough to dislodge the gigantic beastmen? Watch the video above and find out!

In future battle reports we’ll be introducing additional Confrontation armies such as the Ram of Acheron’s undead legions and the horrifying abominations of the Dirz. We’ll also bring in mystics, missile troops, flyers and other special units to unleash even more carnage on the Confrontation battlefield.