Confrontation Battle Report, Wolf vs. Griffin

For our second Confrontation Age of Rag’Narok battle report we added more forested areas to our tabletop battlefield, adjusted the victory conditions and added a unit of missile troops and a unit of scout fliers to the conflict.

Once again, the Temple forces are built around an eight-man unit of spearmen, with a standard bearer to give them a much needed moral boost. These basic soldiers are supported by a deadly four-man until of Executioners and a new, eight-man unit of Fusiliers, providing the Griffins with a powerful ranged attack.

The Temple army is commanded by the Able the Incarnate. Normally the army commander would be leading a unit, but since the introductory scenarios in the basic Confrontation Age of Rag’Narok rulebook have Abel fighting solo, that’s what we did here as well.

Abel’s forces are once again challenged by the savage Wolfen, who have a lightning fast unit of Hunters and a sturdy unit of Fangs with a damage-mitigating Repentant. They’re led by their army commander Serethis, who is moving and fighting solo, just like his human counterpart. In this scenario the Wolfen are also joined by a unit of Sylvan Animae. These forest spirits can fly, have scout capabilities and are armed with sacred blades.

As with the last battle report, each army can earn victory points by controlling strategic bridges, occupying the mystic serpent seal in the center of the battlefield, or by killing an enemy commander.

The Wolfen units are considerably faster than their human opponents, cause fear and have two hit points each, while their Sylvan allies can fly over battlefield terrain. The Temple soldiers are more numerous, however, and now have a unit of gunpowder weapons to strike their foes from a distance.

Which army will prevail? Watch the full battle report above to find out. And stay tuned for our next Confrontation Age of Rag’Narok batrep, which will feature the undead forces of Acheron challenging the Alchemists of Dirz.