Deadzone Skirmish Game, Starter and Faction Boxes

In the second installment of our our Countdown to Stargrave series, where we unbox several sci-fi starter sets that we purchased years ago but never opened, we finally invetigate the 2016 Deadzone second edition box set, along with a trio of Deadzone faction boxes.

Deadzone (paid link), Skirmishes on Forsaken Worlds, is a range of sci-fi skirmish rules and miniatures from Mantic Games (paid link), which also publishes the mass-battle game Warpath, set in the same fictional universe.

The 2016 Deadzone starter set includes 20 hard-plastic, multi-part miniatures, allowing players to build both an Enforcer strike team and a Forge Father strike team. The box also contains a paper battlefield mat, hardback rulebook, dice, counters and several sprues of Mantic’s modular battlefield scenery.

We also looked at three Deadzone faction starter boxes, which deliver a surprising number of sci-fi minis at a very reasonable price. The Plague (paid link) faction box, for example, contains 29 multi-part figures, most of which are made from high-quality hard plastic.

The Deadzone Rebs (paid link) faction box is not quite at the same level, containing 16 miniatures made of plastic composite. However these figures do represent five different races (plus two drones), allowing players to create a very diverse strike team.

The final faction box we looked at belongs to the Veer-Myn (paid link), a fearsome race of humanoid space rats. These are our favorite Deadzone miniatures so far, offering Skaven fans like us the opportunity to field a horde of sci-fi ratmen.

With a few exceptions, we were very impressed by the contents of the Deadzone starter set and the companion faction boxes. So much so, that we plan to eventually shoot a few Deadzone games for the Skirmish Wargames YouTube channel. That might not happen immediately though, given the number of projects already on our 2021 schedule.

So in the meantime, if you want to check out Deadzone, Skirmishes on Forsaken Worlds, by Mantic Games, we invite you to enjoy the video at the top of this post. Just watch out for sneaky space rats.