Dust 1947 Cthulhu Mythos Faction

In the last decade, both Fantasy Flight Games and Battlefront Miniatures have published their own versions of Dust Tactics (paid link), a tactical miniatures board game set in Paolo Parente’s alternate WWII universe. But in 2016, Dust Studio retook the reins and published its own Dust ruleset: Paolo Parente’s Dust 1947 (paid link) system for Panzerpunk miniature wargaming.

Dust 1947 players can select from several blocs and factions, including the Allies, the Axis powers, the Sino-Soviet Union and even mercenary forces. Or they can turn their backs on human civilization entirely and field the terrifying and destructive forces of the Cthulhu Mythos Gods.

From maniacal cultists and saboteurs, to flying fungi from Yuggoth, to the sanity-melting avatars and spawn of the Elder Gods, Dust 1947 Mythos players can summon an army of Lovecraftian horrors to demolish the VK-powered walkers of their earthly enemies.

In our latest video, we unseal the 2018 Operation Hellgate (paid link) supplement for Dust 1947, as well as the Lilith’s Coven Cthulhu Mythos Starter Set and the First Summoning Cthulhu Mythos Army Set. We also unbox the Mi-Go Raiders and Cultist Fire Squad pre-painted miniature sets from Dust Studio’s premium line.

Paolo Parente’s Dust 1947 can be played as a tactical miniatures board game on a gridded playing surface or as a more free-form wargame with three-dimensional terrain. Which is fortunate because Dust Studio offers some amazing tabletop terrain pieces, including the ancient Cthulhu Shrine that you can see in the above photos.

So if you’ve ever had the urge to pit a Spawn of Cthulhu or the Avatar of Nyarlathotep against a WWII armored walker, or have zombie troopers battle homicidal cultists in the ruins of an ancient city, check out our latest video and discover the secrets and terrors of the Dust 1947 Cthulhu Mythos Forces.