Easy Foam Wargaming Terrain

One gratifying thing about using faux crumbling stone walls as wargaming terrain pieces is that they fit nicely into almost any genre of tabletop miniature games, whether it be fantasy, historical, modern day or science fiction. Plus as we discovered, they’re super easy to shape out of pieces of soft scrap styrofoam.

These particular desert walls came about as we were experimenting with creating Tatooine-type buildings and scenery that could be used in games of Star Wars: Legion, Star Wars Miniatures Battles or frankly any desert wargaming scenario.

Lynn had made a castle-themed dice tower out of a Pringles can for one of her friends last Christmas and had used pieces of packing foam to create grey stone walls at the base of the tower. Since we had some of the malleable, grainy foam left over, I coaxed her into cutting and shaping three pieces into rough stone walls for me, which she did easily using just a craft saw, sandpaper and a wooden knitting needle.

Once the wall sections were shaped, I simply glued them to scrap pieces of card stock, painted them up and textured the bases with wood glue and sandbox sand. Easy peasy.

To watch the entire process unfold step-by-step, check out the video above. Obviously the foam pieces can be shaped and painted to match whatever wargaming terrain you already have on the table. Just let your twisted imagination and whatever leftover materials are languishing in the scrap box be your guide.