Fallout Wasteland Warfare Red Rocket Scenic Set

It’s hard to believe it’s been 20 years since we first purchased a copy of Fallout 2 for the PC, strapped on a virtual Pip-Boy and set out to scavenge the digital wasteland. It’s even more amazing that two decades after first experiencing the Fallout universe, we’d be unboxing a scenery set for a brand-new tabletop version of Fallout.

For better or worse, the video game industry has a long history of producing titles based on beloved tabletop games and RPGs. It’s only fitting then that here in 2018, RPG, wargame and board game producer Modiphius Entertainment is releasing Fallout Wasteland Warfare (paid link), a tabletop miniatures game based on the legendary Fallout video game franchise.

Since we’re big fans of the Fallout series and also have a fair collection of post-apocalyptic wargaming rules on the shelf, it was a no-brainer for us to pick up the Red Rocket Scenic Set for Fallout Wasteland Warfare (paid link). This box set includes a 3’ x 3’ neoprene wasteland gaming mat; a pre-printed, full-color Red Rocket filling station building; a resin Red Rocket display and two resin gas pumps, which we mistakenly identify as Nuka-Cola machines in our unboxing video. (Oops.)

The Red Rocket filling station is made of pre-printed card stock that clips together with plastic connectors. The building has both interior and exterior walls, as well as a removable roof, so wasteland exploration and conflict can take place within the filling station itself.

As you can see in the photos, the details and weathering on the card stock Red Rocket building are pretty amazing. Even if you don’t play Fallout Wasteland Warfare, the Red Rocket station and wasteland gaming mat would fit right into almost any post-apocalyptic miniatures game.

Check out the video above to watch our full unboxing of the Fallout Wasteland Warfare Red Rocket Scenic Set from Modiphius Entertainment.