Frostgrave Battle Report, Summoner vs Enchanter

We purchased our copy of the original Frostgrave, Fantasy Wargames in the Frozen City (paid link) about two years ago, but simply hadn’t gotten around to playing it until recently, despite having heard very good things about the game. Fortunately for us, the rules were easy to learn and, better still, we could assemble our respective warbands using a hodgepodge of miniatures that we already had.

And what a hodgepodge it is! If you look closely at each warband, you might recognize miniatures from Reaper, Games Workshop and WizKids, as well as a couple of repurposed HorrorClix figures. Some of the minis date back to the early 1990s, so it’s great to have those old soldiers back on the tabletop.

After recruiting our teams and watching a few Frostgrave gameplay videos online, we finally felt ready to tackle our first game, pitting Ember the infernal Summoner vs Ludwig the dwarven Enchanter. That first skirmish in the frozen city was essentially a draw, with both wizards claiming three treasures and advancing to second level. Casualties were minor, though Ludwig did lose his trusty treasure hunter during the scuffle.

For our second game of Frostgrave, documented in the video above, Ember and Ludwig lock horns once more, though this time the Summoner is wearing the powerful Gloves of Casting that her warband uncovered during their last foray. Will these mighty magical mittens give Ember an advantage over her Enchanter nemesis?

It’s hard to say, as the dice in Frostgrave can be fickle, often turning certain victory into catastrophic failure at the least opportune time. (As you’ll see happening in the video. Repeatedly.)

We still made plenty of mistakes during our second game of Frostgrave, but it does feel like we’re rapidly getting a grasp of the original rule set. Which is good, since Osprey Games has published a whole stack of Frostgrave supplements and expansions that we haven’t delved into yet!