Frostgrave DIY Treasure Tokens

Last week we posted our first battle report video on Frostgrave, Fantasy Wargames in the Frozen City (paid link), published by Osprey Games. While combat between competing warbands is almost inevitable in Frostgrave, the main objective is really grabbing as many treasure tokens as possible and whisking them off the edge of the gaming area.

So in addition to warband miniatures and a plethora of terrain pieces, Frostgrave enthusiasts also need treasure markers to designate the various relics, tomes and other valuables waiting to be salvaged from the former wizard metropolis. And while standard gaming tokens work just fine for this purpose, it doesn’t take much time or money to make Frostgrave treasure tokens that look like actual treasures.

For our recent Frostgrave battle report we painted a metal treasure pile from Reaper Miniatures (paid link), two resin crates from the WizKids Deep Cuts (paid link) miniatures line, and then shaped a pair of custom grimoire piles from polymer clay. These grimoire stacks make great treasure tokens and were remarkably quick and easy to produce, as you’ll see in the how-to video at the top of this post.

All you really need is a few bucks worth of polymer clay (paid link) and a simple sculpting tool. (A butter knife would work in a pinch.) After shaping your grimoires — which only takes a few minutes — simply bake them to harden the clay, quickly paint the covers and pages, then stack the books any way you please and glue the whole pile to an appropriate base. That’s it.

To watch the entire grimoire creation process from start to finish, check out the video above. Then you’ll be ready to create your own custom treasure tokens for use in Frostgrave, your favorite RPG, or any fantasy-based tabletop miniatures game.