Galactic Heroes Sci-Fi Skirmish Game

If the idea of a fast, fun and affordable space-opera skirmish game makes you want to shout “Dispatch war rocket Ajax,” then you’ll probably enjoy the new Fistful of Lead: Galactic Heroes (paid link) release from independent publisher Wiley Games.

Paid Link

Galactic Heroes describes itself as a “quick and easy set of wargaming rules for skirmishes in the far future.” The game can accommodate up to eight players, requires only five to six miniatures per person, and can be played with almost any 28mm sci-fi figures you have. If you prefer to game in 15mm scale, the rules are compatible with those minis too.

For our three-turn Galactic Heroes demonstration (viewable in the vid-screen above), we simply used a handful of re-based plastic minis from various WizKids and Wizards of the Coast miniatures games. These second-hand figures were cheap as chips to purchase, came pre-painted and fit right into our retro sci-fi scenario.

Our demonstration match pitted the diabolical Doctor Sparkle (a HeroClix Mano figure), his bodyguard Plutonia (a HeroClix A.I.M. Agent) and his loyal DeathBot (a Star Wars Miniatures E522 Assassin Droid) against revenue agents dispatched by the sector’s ruling oligarchs.

This cosmic taxation crew consisted of team leader Adam Weird (a HeroClix Adam Strange figure), his auditor Red Ink (a HorrorClix Razor Vixen) and the dull but deadly Deputy Snurg (a HeroClix Skrull). Their mission: Collect the requisite user fees from Doctor Sparkle before he can reactivate his jungle planet’s ancient wormhole cannon.

A PDF of the main Galactic Heroes rulebook runs just seven bucks on the Wargame Vault (paid link) website, so it’s pretty cheap compared to other sci-fi wargaming systems. There are plenty of nifty add-ons available, such as supplements, card decks and tokens, but you can certainly play the game without them and still have a blast.

So, if you happen to be a fan of tabletop miniature wargaming AND the classic space-opera genre, then ignite your jet pack, shoulder your blaster rifle and initiate the video playback above to watch us test-drive Fistful of Lead: Galactic Heroes (paid link).