DIY Wargaming Dice Trays

We’ve been shooting wargaming battle report videos for about a year now and one of the things we’ve discovered is that it’s really nice to have a few different dice trays on hand. We like to choose a tray for the dice-rolling portion of each video that fits the available space on our table and, if possible, works thematically with whatever game we’re playing.

We do have a small collection of store-bought dice trays that we use, but we’ve also been wanting to add some shapes, colors and graphics that don’t seem to be typically available from the mass-produced trays. (Purchasing hand-made dice trays from marketplaces like Etsy is another option, but that can get prohibitively expensive.) So we decided to make some custom dice trays of our own.

After accumulating a respectable pile of crafting stuff from the local thrift store, flea market and the hobby aisle of the nearby big box retailer, we started experimenting to see which techniques and materials worked best for what we had in mind.

Our custom dice trays fell into two camps: Stenciled T-shirts inserted into second-hand wooden picture frames, and fabric squares wrapped around adhesive foam sheets and inserted into wooden box lids. Both strategies had their ups and downs, but in the end we managed to produce several very functional dice rolling trays.

Also, now that we have the process dialed in, we can easily produce additional dice trays anytime we discover a thrift-store T-shirt or inexpensive piece of fabric that has an interesting scifi, fantasy or post-apocalyptic pattern on it.

To see the specific materials we used making our first round of custom wargaming dice trays, and to watch the actual assembly process, just click on the video player at the top of this post. Dice tray making is simple to do, doesn’t cost much, and allows you to customize yet another aspect of your wargaming hobby. Give it a whirl.