Gaslands Battle Report: Escape to Christmas Town

Happy holidays wargamers! We’re here to spread a little seasonal cheer — Gaslands style — with a holiday themed battle report one might describe as Christmas Vacation meets The Road Warrior

So it’s been a few months since we received our copy of Gaslands Refuelled (paid link), the tabletop game of post-apocalyptic vehicular mayhem from Osprey Games (paid link). 

While not technically a reboot of the original Gaslands rules published back in 2017, Gaslands Refuelled does fine-tune and expand upon them, making a number of minor gameplay changes while also offering players a host of new vehicles, sponsors, weapons, perks and scenarios.

When we decided to make our final gameplay video of 2019 a holiday-themed Gaslands scenario, we figured we’d better crack open our copy of Gaslands Refuelled and give all those shiny new rules and options a proper test drive.

It was also a rather festive excuse to break out the 1/64 scale Wagon Queen Family Truckster and classic 1972 Ford Condor II that we’ve been holding in reserve, and hurl both silver screen vehicles screaming into our latest Gaslands scenario.

Our story goes something like this: An intrepid family of resisters is fleeing Martian tyranny by racing northward toward Earth’s last free city, the enigmatic stronghold known as Christmas Town. Before they can reach their fabled destination however, the travelers will have to battle a ruthless hoard of Krampus cultists, sent by the Martians to raid and pillage all along the northern highway.

Without the benefit of heavy weapons, can Sparky, Cousin Eddie and the rest of their clan successfully repel the agents of chaos and make it through the pass to Christmas Town? Or will their humble holiday wishes be flattened like so much road kill?

Watch our latest Gaslands battle report video to find out!