Gaslands Martian Racing Federation: Canyon Run

In our second test-drive of the Martian Racing Federation rules for Gaslands, the game of post-apocalyptic vehicular mayhem, we tackle the nerve-wracking Canyon Run scenario, which forces pilots to race forward at high speed while dodging an increasingly dense field of terrain.

As we mentioned in a previous post, the Martian Racing Federation rules are published in the first edition of Blaster (paid link), a new wargaming anthology featuring contributions from indie game designers Ash Barker, Joseph McCullough, Sean Sutter and Joseph McGuire, as well as Gaslands’ own Mike Hutchinson.

Unlike the Martian Speedway scenario, which is essentially a race around the track, in Canyon Run the game mat acts as a conveyor belt, constantly moving vehicles and terrain pieces back toward the starting edge. If a grav-racer fails to make sufficient forward progress, or collides with a piece of terrain, he or she is immediately disqualified.

For our race down this merciless gully of death, we used the Hot Wheels Landspeeders that we modified for our Gaslands Landspeeder and Speeder Bike video from roughly 18 months ago. With the desert wind in their hair, our speeder pilots roared fearlessly into the uncharted alien ravine, fully aware that they might never emerge.

As you’ll see in the video above, a game of Canyon Run is fairly tame for the first couple of turns. As long as a player can achieve enough forward progress to avoid dropping backwards off the starting edge, he or she is just fine.

The real fun begins, however, as the game progresses and more and more terrain is placed on the table. Maximizing forward movement is one thing. Doing it while zigzagging around oncoming boulders and moisture vaporators is another challenge entirely!

Will our intrepid speeder pilots survive the Canyon Run? Watch the game-play video to find out!