Gaslands Ready Hot Wheels and Matchbox Cars

We’ve had a great deal of fun building our various car, truck and war rig conversions for Gaslands (paid link), the tabletop game of post-apocalyptic vehicular mayhem from Osprey Games. The customization process does require some time however, and often that’s a resource in short supply.

Gaslands is definitely a more immersive experience when you’re using crazy converted vehicles, but frankly it’s a bit of a relief sometimes to simply slap down unmodified or lightly modified diecast cars and just play the game. With that thought in mind, if we see a pre-weaponized or otherwise dystopian looking Hot Wheels or Matchbox car at the discount store or the local flea market, we’ll typically pick it up, especially if it’s only a buck or so.

Reason being, if the vehicle in question already has a Gaslands-type aesthetic, then it won’t take much tinkering to customize it a little. Or, we can simply use it stock and keep pre-game prep time to an absolute minimum.

Which brings us to the topic of today’s video: Gaslands-ready Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars. That is, Gaslands appropriate vehicles that you can use right out of the package, or customize with relative ease.

Our recommendations include such pre-weaponized favorites as the Enforcer, Sting Rod and the Red Baron, as well as bizarre monstrosities like the Grumobile and the Homer. We also look at military inspired vehicles, high-tech sci-fi creations and even some crazy street vehicles that literally could have been plucked from the Gaslands universe.

To watch us unpack a veritable fleet of Gaslands ready cars, trucks, vans and SUVs, check out the video above. Maybe you’ll see a lethal vehicle or two that’s perfect for your own Gaslands team.