Gaslands Flea Market Challenge

While cruising the seemingly endless aisles of an indoor flea market a few weeks ago — actually we were slightly lost and searching for the exit — we ran across a sealed produce container stuffed with a hodgepodge of die-cast vehicles and temptingly priced at just $1.99. Since that seemed like a reasonable risk vs reward proposition, we purchased the little plastic box o’ cars as soon as we were able to find the checkout counter.

As an child of the original Mad Max era and a Car Wars player from years back, I’ve recently been getting a big kick out of Gaslands (paid link), the post-apocalyptic vehicular combat game from Osprey Publishing. In particular, I’m really intrigued by the idea of customizing Hot Wheels and Matchbox scale cars and turning them into high-tech death machines or rusty wasteland marauders.

Since almost any reasonably scaled vehicle can be converted for the Gaslands arena, we decided to put our die-cast customizing skills to the test in what we called the Gaslands Flea Market Challenge. Basically, we just dumped our discount box o’ cars on the table, picked two apiece and then initiated some quick and dirty mods using homemade parts or miscellaneous bits left over from other projects.

While I have purchased some 1:64 scale guns, wheels and armor plates that were specifically cast for Gaslands conversions, we intentionally didn’t use any of these third-party components, opting instead for what we could scrounge around the house. Fortunately we still had a box of cannibalized Skylanders vehicle parts left over from our Fallout Wasteland Warfare Atomic Roadster build, as well as some other choice widgets. Nothing ever goes to waste in this hobby!

Check out the video above to watch us execute our gonzo Gaslands builds, using cheap second-hand cars from the flea market. I’m not sure about the wisdom of mounting a giant rocket pod atop a glammed-out VW beetle, but no doubt it would be a crowd pleaser in the arena. Maximum carnage baby.