Gaslands Rumble in the Rockies

When we attended local tabletop gaming convention Genghis Con 41 in Aurora, Colo., last year, we just showed up and enjoyed the spectacle, without really participating in anything. For this year’s Genghis Con 42 however, we preregistered for a number of events, including a miniatures painting class, the Olympus Games Kill Team demo, our first game of Savage Worlds, and the awesome Rumble in the Rockies Gaslands tournament.

Of course half the fun of Gaslands (paid link) is converting harmless Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars into lethal arena death machines, so we decided to build ourselves a couple of new vehicles to debut at Rumble in the Rockies.

Our Chaos-themed plow truck is an unnatural hybrid of a Matchbox Plowverizer blade pusher and an old Hot Wheels Funny Money armored car. The other vehicle is a shiny red Matchbox Jeep Wrangler Superlift converted into grungy, post-apocalyptic machine-gun platform.

We have quite a few Gaslands-friendly parts in the old bits box, including some resin components made specifically for Gaslands, a smattering of 1/72-scale military modeling parts, and even some old Chaos Warrior sprues from 20 years ago. Sorting through this pile of plastic and resin gold was a great source of pre-build inspiration.

Unfortunately the weather outside wasn’t ideal for spray painting, but we persevered anyway, ignoring the below-freezing temperatures, gusty winds and even scattered snowflakes. Who knows? Maybe the weird spray patterns added an extra layer of crazy to our final products.

Despite the worsening weather and a few surprise engineering challenges, we managed to complete both of our Gaslands vehicles in time for Genghis Con 42, where we did our best to wreak bloody havoc in Saturday’s death race.

How did Red Crush and the Rambunctious Hooligans fare in the Gaslands arena? Well, you can watch the official race highlights on the pirated Martian video receiver located at the top of this post. (Mars is a lie.)