Gaslands Motorcycle Miniatures

As you can probably tell from some of our previous videos, we’re huge fans of Gaslands (paid link), the tabletop miniature wargaming rules for post-apocalyptic vehicular combat, written by Mike Hutchinson and published by Osprey Wargames (paid link).

Though easily adaptable to other wargaming scales such as 15mm and 28mm, the Gaslands rules are written with Hot Wheels and Matchbox vehicles in mind, meaning that Gaslands players have access to a nearly limitless of selection of mass-market cars, trucks and buggies to customize for the arena.

Motorcycles and trikes are a different matter however. While there are Hot Wheels and Matchbox motorcycles available, most are oversized compared their four-wheeled brethren. Which makes sense, since these are toys being marketing to kids and collectors, not miniatures for tabletop wargaming.

Fortunately there are viable options available to Gaslands players who want to field post-apocalyptic motorcycles in addition to their weaponized cars and trucks. These range from small-scale metal and resin motorcycle miniatures made specifically for wargaming, to various toys, tokens and collectibles that can be ruthlessly converted for Gaslands.

Even then, however, finding the right motorcycle models for your team can be challenging, since the bikes themselves vary widely in scale, as do the Hot Wheels and Matchbox vehicles they’ll be battling against. A Gaslands motorcycle that looks perfectly scaled next to one car or truck might be dwarfed by another.

To help sort that out, we recently assembled a stockpile of potential Gaslands motorcycles and trikes, and then compared them to some typical Hot Wheels and Matchbox vehicles, as well as to each other. While this comparison didn’t solve the dilemma of scale inconsistencies, it did provide some sense of which bikes were roughly compatible with the average die-cast cars and trucks.

So if you’re looking for sources of appropriately scaled Gaslands motorcycles, or just want to see how the various bikes size up, then check out the video posted at the top of this page. Vroom, vroom.