Gaslands War Rig Kitbash

After some furious chopping of various plastic and metal vehicles and a deep dive into the bits box, we’re pleased to present our second war rig build for Gaslands (paid link) the game of post-apocalyptic vehicular combat, created by Mike Hutchinson and published by Osprey Wargames (paid link).

Unlike our first Gaslands war rig project from last week, which more or less adhered to its original concept, our second wasteland semi had to be reengineered on the fly as its recklessly optimistic build plan hit repeated dead ends.

No matter. It’s the end result that counts and we’re quite satisfied with our tracked harpoon platform, which we’ve named Shish-Kebubba’s Hellscape Gumbo. Basically this rig is a sand-worm hunting and processing plant which serves up wasteland gumbo at Gaslands arenas coast to coast. Of course these opportunistic harpooners aren’t above a little preemptive scavenging or even outright piracy if a vulnerable target presents itself.

The Shish-Kebubba’s war rig is essentially a kitbash of a Dust Tactics (paid link) SSU BR-47 Self Propelled Weapon Platform and a Chinese-made tractor trailer rig, with a Matchbox Willys Jeep Pickup thrown in for good measure. The massive aft harpoon was forged by pinning the SSU BR-47 (paid link) 100mm cannon to a Robogear (paid link) harpoon gun.

Other featured weapons include a dollar store toy cement mixer, which serves as the side-mounted caltrop dropper, and a Hot Wheels VW, which is now a gunner’s perch for the front-facing rocket launcher. This may not be the most combat effective Gaslands war rig, but we still think it’s a pretty cool kitbash of the various vehicles, sprues and bits that we had on hand.

Rumor has it that there’s an ongoing feud between Shish-Kebubba’s Hellscape Gumbo and the Red Running Gaslands racing team. Perhaps we’ll see those two wasteland war rigs clash in an upcoming video. Stay tuned!