Gaslands Zombie Bash Game

When life gives you zombies, just herd the brain-eating bastards onto the local race track and plow them down with heavily weaponized street vehicles. Then broadcast the entire spectacle for the entertainment of your beloved Martian overlords. That’s basically the concept behind Zombie Bash, an undead squishing scenario for Gaslands (paid link) the game of post-apocalyptic vehicular combat from Osprey Wargames. Think of it as Death Race meets Dawn of the Dead.

For our pre-Halloween game of Zombie Bash — documented in the batrep video above — we used the Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars we modified in our Gaslands Flea Market Challenge post from earlier this month.

One car combat team consists of a rocket-armed Volkswagen bug and a sporty hatchback with a front-facing machine gun and a rear-mounted mini-gun. The other team features a stripped-down performance car armed with a heavy machine gun and mine dropper. His pyro-themed partner — the aptly named Smells Like Victory — sports a flame thrower and a box of Molotov cocktails.

While these opposing teams are encouraged to shoot (or ram) each other whenever possible, in a Zombie Bash scenario the victory points are accrued by running down mobs of hungry, festering dead. Of course every time a car is destroyed, a few zombies crawl from the smoldering wreck, reducing that team’s victory points.

For our Zombie Bash game, we decided to have each vehicle start at a different gate and made the guns hot from turn one. This prevented a multi-car pileup at the starting line and also gave the drivers a turn or two of free-range zombie bashing before they had to contend with other vehicles.

To watch Rocket Bug, Blue Streak, Performance Car and Smells Like Victory cheerfully slaughtering zombies in the Gaslands (paid link) arena, just cue up our full battle report video at the top of this post. Then settle in and watch the carnage unfold!