GWAR Rumble in Antarctica Miniatures Game

Published in 1999 by DemonBlade Games, GWAR: Rumble in Antarctica (paid link) is a 28mm miniatures game pitting barbaric space pirates known as the Scumdogs of the Universe against each other for control of the sacred GWAR temple, hidden at the South Pole.

As the name implies, Rumble in Antarctica is a gonzo, easy-to-play skirmish wargame based on the mythology of the GWAR, a costumed heavy-metal group that’s been spewing on audiences since way back in 1984. The band’s mythos has inspired a variety of pop-culture products, including comic books, trading cards and a new deck building game, GWAR vs Time, which should be invading tabletops next year.

Back in 1999, there was even an official line of GWAR tabletop miniatures sold specifically for Rumble in Antartica, but now those figures are rare enough to be considered collector’s items. Fortunately, the game itself is adaptable enough to be played with any 28mm minis. Just tailor your scenario to suit whatever models you’re using.

While Rumble in Antarctica does provide stats for pre-built rumblers (including the fearsome members of GWAR), much of the fun comes from creating unique characters using the game’s figure and weapon building charts.

For our game of GWAR: Rumble in Antarctica, we assembled some suitably outrageous custom rumblers from a stash of old chaos warrior sprues and some leftover ork parts. Then we rounded out our respective teams with a variety of vintage Games Workshop and WizKids miniatures that looked suitably bizarre.

This isn’t a crunchy or even a balanced ruleset, but if you’re looking for a lightweight beer-and-pretzels game that embraces the over-the-top spectacle of GWAR, it can be quite a bit of fun. Especially if you create some gloriously absurd characters of your own using remnants from the bits box.

Two watch our custom rumblers Flagelous Maximus, Jolly Hatchet, Samson Slice-n-Dice and Apollo Fleshgrinder duke it out on the infernal plane, while collecting chickens for the Feast of Maximum Occupancy, just fire up the embedded video located at the top of this post.