HeroClix Undead Unboxing

“Ghosts, demons, skeletons, and zombies rise up in WizKids HeroClix: Undead! Pit your favorite heroes against a horde of werewolves or team up with Dr. Jekyll. Scare the Clix out of your opponents!” So reads the opening paragraph of the HeroClix: Undead (paid link) webpage, which showcases the 2017 horror-inspired expansion to the HeroClix collectable miniatures game.

Side note: One might argue that werewolves, demons and mad scientists don’t really fall into the “undead” category. However a mummy certainly would, so it’s a bit odd not to see one included in this collection. Perhaps there were licensing issues, in light of Universal Pictures rebooting The Mummy in the summer of 2017, just months before the release of HeroClix: Undead.

Be that as it may, this monster-themed expansion is certainly a fun addition to the HeroClix universe, especially for players who still morn the demise of HorrorClix almost 10 years ago. It’s always nice to see HeroClix expanding beyond the superhero genre and injecting other pop-culture elements into HeroClix gameplay.

The HeroClix: Undead (paid link) series offers 19 different miniatures to collect: Nine common figures, eight rare figures and two chase figures. Since we’re big fans of classic horror movies, we invested in a HeroClix: Undead gravity-feed box of 24 blind foil packs — with each pack containing one miniature. We might not be rewarded with a chase figure, we surmised, but certainly we’d have enough figures for an all-monster-themed showdown if we so desired.

Since opening 24 individual foil packs on camera would make for a very long and tedious video, we opted instead to focus on the rare figures that popped up during the unboxing process. Check out the video above to see how we did. And stay tuned for future videos where we unleash our terrifying armies of the dead against each other on the HeroClix field of battle.