HorrorClix Predators vs Aliens Battle Report

In our last video we unboxed the 2007 Alien vs Predator collector sets made for the now-defunct HorrorClix (paid link) collectible miniatures game, which was produced by WizKids between 2006 and 2008.

The OOP HorrorClix AVP expansions are not to be confused with Alien vs Predator: The Hunt Begins, a current AVP-based board game made by Prodos Games which features a full line of Alien, Predator and Colonial Marine miniatures, including the M577 Armoured Personnel Carrier and the Cheyenne Dropship.

Since our vintage HorrorClix Alien vs Predator figures were now free from the confines of their retail packaging, we decided to pit the two rival factions against each other in an urban parking garage, using a battle mat designed for the WizKids HeroClix game. This neoprene mat is a bit larger than the paper maps provided with the HorrorClix AVP collector sets, but otherwise worked perfectly for our Hunter vs Xenomorph slugfest.

Since our intergalactic grudge match was taking place on modern-day Earth, we used standard victim tokens from the HorrorClix starter set, as well as HorrorClix: The Lab, which allowed our off-world combatants to snack on hapless humans such as the Pizza Guy, the Reporter and the Frat Boy, who had unluckily found themselves in the war zone.

HorrorClix is our first experience with the WizKids “Combat Dial” system, which does eliminate record keeping, just like the grid-based battle map eliminates measuring for movement and combat. It is a little annoying to keep referring to the miniature bases so frequently, but we can definitely see what WizKids was trying to accomplish. And to their credit, they did create a very workable wargame/board game hybrid, elements of which still live on in their popular HeroClix game.

One other note: While pre-painted miniatures have their limitations, we have to say that WizKids did a pretty good job with their Alien vs Predator line. Some of the Predator miniatures in particular look terrific, which probably makes them popular with collectors.

To watch us pit savage Hunters against acid-blooded Xenomorphs in a cinematic game of HorrorClix Alien vs Predator, just click on the media player above.