HorrorClix Alien Vs Predator Collector’s Sets

To commemorate the upcoming Sept. 14, 2018, release of The Predator, a brand-new installment in the long-running Predator film series, we recently unboxed three unopened Alien vs Predator figure sets that were produced for the HorrorClix (paid link) collectable miniatures game back in 2007.

HorrorClix is a grid-based tabletop game that was published by WizKids between 2006 and 2008. It features cinematic combat between horror-movie themed monsters and characters, while tossing in the slaughter and/or rescue of hapless victims, as well as other narrative elements. Like the still very popular HeroClix game, as well WizKids’ now defunct Mage Knight and MechWarrior “Clix” games, HorrorClix uses rotating combat-dial bases to indicate character stats and abilities.

The HorrorClix AVP releases came out three years after the first Alien vs Predator movie (2004), but just in time for the second installment of the franchise, Aliens vs Predator: Requiem (2007). There are three HorrorClix AVP boxes: The Aliens Collector’s Set, the Predators Collector’s Set, and the Alien Queen Action Pack, all of which include a variety of pre-painted miniatures, as well as AVP-themed maps, tokens, monster cards and plot twist cards.

We’ve been fans of the Aliens vs Predator concept ever since 1990, when we purchased a copy of Dark Horse Presents #36, the first comic to feature an Alien vs Predator story. Other comics followed, as well as video games and the two feature films. Sadly the AVP movies didn’t live up to the potential of the source material, but that hasn’t stopped Hollywood from cranking out other Alien and Predator movies, of varying degrees of quality. Let’s hope the latest Predator film is a high point in the series.

Giving credit where it’s due, we have to say that WizKids did a very nice job with the HorrorClix Alien vs Predator miniatures. It’s a shame the HorrorClix line was discontinued (along with many other games) during the financial crisis. It would have been fun to see what WizKids might have done with other licensed properties had HorrorClix kept going.

To watch us unbox some very cool pre-painted Alien and Predator miniatures from the HorrorClix AVP Collector’s Sets, just click on the video player above.