Industrial Tower Wargaming Terrain

On a mission to make some homemade desert wargaming terrain suitable for games of Star Wars Miniatures Battles or Star Wars: Legion, we took a trip to the local thrift store to see what suitable bits and bobs might be available on the cheap.

It was a classic case of the raw materials ultimately dictating the final project. When we saw a small pile of garden-hose connectors — just 25 cents apiece — sitting on the shelf, we immediately thought “moisture vaporators!” Because of course, who wouldn’t?

While our rusty industrial towers don’t really mimic the slender finned spires from the Skywalker moisture farm, they do have a trippy, scifi look to them, making them suitable scenery for anything from desert games of Star Wars: Legion to underhive gang battles of Necromunda.

Since we wanted our terrain pieces to have a tarnished, corroded look, we tried our hand at the salting technique. This involved spraying the primed towers with various shades of rust metallic, then after they dried, spritzing them with water and then sprinkling on a random coating of ground rock salt.

After the water dried, the salted towers were sprayed with a layer of base coat. Once the base color dried, the salt particles were carefully removed, revealing random splotches of rust color from underneath. Pretty neat, actually.

We also put our rust and streaking paint set to good use, adding various washes, highlights and accents to get the mottled, oxidized look we were striving for. Did we overdo it? Most probably. Are we happy with the results? You betcha.

To watch us create this weather-beaten industrial wargaming terrain, step-by-step, mistakes and all, check out the video above. And keep an eye out for these repurposed garden-hose connectors blocking enemy fire in future Skirmish Wargames battle reports.