Infinity Operation Red Veil Battle Pack

Today’s video represents the third installment of our Countdown to Stargrave series, where we explore unopened sci-fi starter sets from the past, looking for minis or terrain that we might pilfer for Stargrave (paid link), science fiction wargames in the ravaged galaxy, which is scheduled for release in late April 2021.

This time around we unbox the Infinity Operation Red Veil Battle Pack, which I purchased in April of 2017 for $77, and then promptly left on the shelf for next four years. 

Infinity (paid link) is of course the skirmish miniatures game from Corvus Belli out of Spain. The game was launched around 2005 or so, is now in its 4th edition, and I believe the publisher recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. So hearty congratulations to everyone at Corvus Belli.

In a nutshell, Infinity is set 175 years in the future and simulates small-scale skirmishes between groups of elite soldiers, usually representing one of the game’s various superpowers or other factions. Teams are carefully assembled to achieve the objectives of each mission, with different conflicts requiring different specialists to secure victory.

The Operation Red Veil starter set contains 14 miniatures representing two different teams, Yu Jing and Haqqislam, which could be very loosely defined as being Far East and Middle East inspired factions. The battle pack also includes the colorful, easy-to-assemble Neon Lotus terrain set, which allows strike teams to battle in a futuristic shopping center.

Infinity Operation Red Veil does predate the latest versions of Infinity, but I’m told all of the dynamic pewter miniatures and vibrant card-stock terrain pieces are 100 percent compatible with the current game. To see the contents of this eye-catching, manga-inspired battle box from 2016, just check out the video at the top of this post.