Warhammer 40k Kill Team Battle Report, Tallarn vs Orks

Even though the game has changed tremendously over the last three decades, I still collect Warhammer 40,000 miniatures like it’s the original Rogue Trader days. And by that I mean, I’ll buy a box of this faction or a squad of that faction, without much thought to actual army building. It’s more about what looks interesting, I guess.

This haphazard recruiting system was actually fine in early days of Warhammer 40k, because we only needed a few squads to play the game. Plus the GMs usually just concocted whacky scenarios based on whatever models people showed up with. During game nights at the local comic shop, it wasn’t unusual to have four or five players around a single table, each playing a different faction.

So when the latest incarnation of Warhammer 40,000, Kill Team (paid link), came along, it was essentially my ticket back into the Warhammer 40k universe after a long hiatus. I already had small units of classic Space Marines, Imperial Guard and even some old metal Necrons packed in storage cases. With Kill Team, I suddenly had an excuse bust these retro warriors out of stasis and get them back in the fight!

Unfortunately, I’m easily distracted. So even though we unboxed our Kill Team starter set about 18 months ago, we didn’t begin digging into the rules until last month. This process involved an extended demo game at the local Warhammer store, which shortened the learning curve immensely.

Long story short, I’m happy to announce that after many months of foot dragging we’re finally shooting our first Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team videos. Our initial matchup pits a squad of classic metal Tallarn against flame-throwing Orks from the Krogskull’s Boyz Kill Team expansion set.

Will Imperial Guard lasguns triumph over Orkish napalm? Will a rebellious Ogryn wreak havoc among the greenskins? Check out the gameplay video above to find out.