Kill Team Battle Report, Black Templars vs Chaos Cultists

In our first on-screen game of Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team (paid link) from a couple of weeks ago, we pitted a gang of napalm-spewing Ork Burna Boyz against a squad of Tallarn bandits and an Ogryn street fighter. (Check out that video Here if you’re interested.)

While that initial game was fairly straightforward, it didn’t take us long to start challenging the practical boundaries of the Kill Team rules system. For instance, we asked ourselves, could a player conceivably field a squad of 11 chaos cultists and a renegade commissar?

The answer it turns out is technically a yes, but practically a no. The Kill Team rules severely penalize larger squads in the Morale Phase by assessing an adverse modifier for every shaken or out-of-action unit. That means that larger squads are much more likely to break once their cheap yet squishy units start falling to enemy action.

Fortunately we’ve never let the rules as written get in the way of playing the scenarios we have in mind. To paraphrase the popular quote from the 1984’s The Dungeonmaster, “We reject your nerve test modifiers and substitute our own.”

After tweaking the Kill Team Morale Phase to our satisfaction, the next challenge was finding a suitable squad to battle our veritable rats’ nest of chaos cultists. Space Marines were the obvious choice, but since we don’t own any Primaris models as of yet, they’d have to be old-fashioned tactical marines.

Fortunately we had a squad of classic metal Black Templar figures just waiting to unleash their righteous zeal upon the minions of chaos. But would their trusty bolters and transhuman physiology be enough to defeat the numerically superior cultist hoard? Watch our latest Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team battle report to find out.