Rough Riders vs Grots Kill Team Battle Report

As far as I know, there are no official rules for using Imperial Guard Rough Riders in games of Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team (paid link), unless said rules have been published somewhere in an index, an FAQ or an issue of White Dwarf that I’m unaware of. 

Fortunately, not having sanctioned rules has never stopped us from designing and playing the wargaming scenarios we want to play!

Since Kill Team units are pretty similar in most respects to their Warhammer 40K counterparts, and since we had the Warhammer 40K 8th Edition Rough Rider stats to work with, it was actually pretty easy to retrofit Imperial Guard cavalry into Kill Team’s tabletop skirmish format.

We did make a few tweaks along the way though. For instance, we gave our Rough Riders the Fleet special rule from Warhammer 40K 7th Edition. And since our vintage Rough Rider sergeant miniature is clearly armed with a bolt pistol, we let him keep it, even though it’s not on his official equipment list.

We also made some rule modifications regarding the Rough Riders’ adversaries in today’s scenario: a gang of feisty gretchin lootas overseen by a surly Ork nob. As you’re probably aware, Kill Team’s morale rules functionally prohibit running hordes of cheap units with low leadership scores. Because once the casualties start to mount, it’s virtually impossible for low-grade units to pass any morale tests.

We solved this problem by simply throwing out the Kill Team morale phase altogether. Again, we’re not going to allow the letter of the rules to derail an amusing narrative. It’s our game. We’ll do what we want!

Which brings us to today’s video, our third Kill Team battle report. In it, a mob of grot lootas is attempting to plunder a wrecked Imperial Guard scout vehicle. Complicating their plans, however, is a squad of Imperial Guard Rough Riders, thundering in to scatter the pesky greenskins.

Will the Emperor’s intrepid horsemen charge in and secure the wreck, or will the filthy grots abscond with cartloads of precious Imperial property? Check out our Rough Riders vs Grots Kill Team Battle Report to find out.