Kings of War: Shadows in the North Starter Set Unboxing

Since tabletop skirmish wargaming is kind of our thing, earlier this year we purchased a copy of Kings of War: Vanguard (paid link), a rather excellent looking fantasy skirmish ruleset from Mantic Games, which also produces the Kings of War (paid link) mass battle fantasy wargame, now in its 3rd edition.

Despite our best intentions however, Kings of War: Vanguard hasn’t made it into our gameplay rotation in 2019. The handsome Vanguard rulebook has been languishing on our game-room bookshelf, mostly because we haven’t assembled any proper warbands for it yet.

Fortunately for us, Mantic recently released the Kings of War Shadows in the North (paid link) two-player starter set, which has quite a lot of figures that we can use with the Vanguard skirmish rules, as well as other tabletop wargames.

The Shadows in the North set (which we unbox in the video above) is a value-priced starter box that features two unique 44-figure armies, the Northern Alliance and the Nightstalkers, and also includes a gamer’s edition of the Kings of War 3rd Edition rulebook.

The Northern Alliance miniatures have a very beyond-the-wall, free-folk vibe, while the Nightstalkers are basically a horde of creepy scarecrows and specters. Whether you play Kings of War or not, these hard plastic minis could easily be used in a variety of fantasy wargames.

But perhaps the best thing about the Shadows in the North starter set (from our perspective) is that it reminded us about our still pristine Kings of War: Vanguard rulebook, which is a game we really should be playing.

Along those lines, once I’m done writing this post I plan to finish up some early-1990s Games Workshop goblins I’ve been working on. They’ll be used to reinforce our Kings of War: Vanguard goblin warband set, which you can also watch us unbox in the video above.