Miniature Wargaming at KoboldCon 2018

Earlier this month we took a mini-vacation and headed down to KoboldCon 2018, billed as “the largest annual gaming convention in Colorado Springs, Colo.” Now in its second year, this two-day event drew more than 600 attendees, nearly tripling its 2017 turnout.

To accommodate the expected growth, this year’s KoboldCon was held in a vacant department store connected to an active shopping mall, which meant there was plenty of space for all the tabletop games, vendors and special events. It also meant that a food court and other amenities were within easy walking distance.

Much of the KoboldCon 2018 schedule was devoted to RPGs such as Pathfinder, Starfinder, Dungeons & Dragons and Savage Worlds. Roleplaying enthusiasts were out in force for these events, playing until it was time for lights-out on Saturday night, and then picking right up again on Sunday morning.

KoboldCon 2018 attendees also enjoyed board games, card games and a variety of tabletop miniature wargames, which of course was our main interest. Miniature devotees participated in games of Bolt Action, Warmachine, Warhammer 40,000, X-Wing Miniatures, Star Wars: Legion and other tabletop contests involving the violent clash of toy soldiers.

We greatly enjoyed meeting the KoboldCon organizers and hanging out with hundreds of other tabletop gaming aficionados. We even participated in our first-ever game of Pathfinder, which was good-clean fun — even though we were gently admonished for being too melee oriented! (Hmm, I guess RPGs have changed a lot since the old days of the Arduin Grimoire and its gruesome critical hits.)

Schedule permitting, we hope to hit the Springs again when KoboldCon returns in 2019. For more information about future KoboldCon events in Colorado, visit