MDF Wargaming Terrain, Kit Building Frenzy

As most tabletop wargamers can attest, unstarted or unfinished projects have a way of quietly piling up over time, forming what hobbyists half-jokingly describe as the “mountain of shame.”

Sometimes however, a frenetic burst of activity can actually chip away at said pile, which is what happened at our house during a winter cold snap last month. It turns out that a few days of frigid weather provided the perfect incentive to stay inside and build terrain.

We prefer not to use superglue or plastic glue without excellent ventilation, so since our windows were shut, we focused attention on those projects that could be assembled using PVA glue. As luck would have it, we had a stockpile of various MDF terrain kits from different manufacturers that were in desperate need of assembly.

These laser-cut kits included an HQ, tower and pump jack from Frontline Gaming; western cottages from Micro Art Studio; a fishermen’s wharf from Warcradle Scenics; post-apocalyptic buildings from Black Site Studio; and a host of other MDF structures. After just two and half days of diligent assembly, our pile of unbuilt MDF terrain kits was whittled down to nothing, and in its place was a veritable tabletop village ready for springtime priming and painting.

To see the results of our mid-winter terrain building frenzy, and scope out a plethora MDF terrain kits from various manufacturers, just fire up the video at the top of this post.