Vlog Ep 8: Paint Stations and Stargrave Crews

Up until recently, we didn’t have a permanent place to paint wargaming miniatures and terrain pieces.

If the weather was nice, we’d paint outside on an old patio table that our former neighbor gifted us when she moved. In the colder, wetter months, we’d paint on card tables in the living room, or commandeer the kitchen table for our hobby projects.

None of these options was ideal however, as they all involved digging our painting gear out of storage boxes, setting up temporary paint stations, and then eventually packing everything away again. Plus we like to use the kitchen table for, you know, eating.

We have a saying for situations like these: “Sometimes you have to destroy before you can rebuild.” In this case that meant taking a hammer to the old particle-board cabinet in the basement, and filling the reclaimed floor space with two shiny new Husky work tables.

With permanent tables in place, we were able to liberate all paints from their storage boxes, and can now work on our myriad of hobby projects whenever the mood strikes. Which will hopefully help us in our quest to conquer the miniature painting mountain of shame.

To check out our brand-new paint stations, as well as some potential crew minis we’ve selected for Stargrave, science fiction wargames in the ravaged galaxy, just catch the video at the top of this post.