Mordheim Skirmish Wargame Retro Unboxing

Some 15 years before tabletop warbands began exploring the frozen wizard metropolis of Felstad (otherwise known as Frostgrave), treasure hunters from across the Old World were picking through the comet-smashed city of Mordheim, collecting a dangerous but valuable substance known as wyrdstone.

Mordheim is, of course, the influential tabletop skirmish wargame set in Games Workshop’s Warhammer Fantasy universe, in a time period roughly 500 years prior to the company’s Warhammer Fantasy Battle rank and file game.

Mordheim was released in 1999, supported by a dedicated line of GW miniatures and numerous articles in White Dwarf magazine. It was followed by at least two official supplements that we know of: The 2002 Mordheim Annual and The Empire in Flames wilderness expansion rules. 

And while the game itself had a relatively short official lifespan, with new Mordheim product releases ceasing around 2004, its influence is readily apparent in current warband-based, character advancement games such as Frostgrave and Rangers of Shadow Deep.

Mordheim also still inspires a large and enthusiastic fan base of its own, which has generated a copious amount of additional (though unsanctioned) material for the game, ranging from expansion rules, to new scenarios, to guidelines for a myriad of different warbands. Check out for a veritable library of fan-made Mordheim content.

After reading about the game for some time, we’ve actually been plotting our own foray into the city of Mordheim. And as luck would have it, we had an unopened, shrink-wrapped copy of the 2002 Mordheim City of the Damned box set sitting on a shelf downstairs, just waiting to be unsealed.

To watch us unbox this wargaming time capsule from almost two decades ago, just fire up the video player at the top of this post. And stay tuned for our Halloween-inspired Mordheim battle report, coming this October.