Mordheim Battle Report, Undead vs Frenzied Mob

Having recently built and painted a band of angry villagers from the Fireforge Games’ Folk Rabble miniatures box, it was a happy coincidence that shortly thereafter we discovered the Frenzied Mob scenario from the Mordheim Empire in Flames wilderness expansion rules.

The Frenzied Mob isn’t your typical Mordheim scenario, as it takes place outside the City of the Damned, in a rural village defended by a throng of fanatical peasants. 

Rival warbands enter the settlement from opposite sides, seeking to ransack buildings and cart off any valuables. Unfortunately, as the opportunistic raiders approach each structure, gangs of aggressive villagers spring into action to repel them.

To give the scenario a Halloween twist, we changed it slightly, making each warband a horde of ravenous undead. Instead of searching for loot, their goal was to feast upon the juicy noncombatants barricaded inside each building. Standing in the way of this undead apocalypse however were bands of militant peasants, armed with pitchforks, torches and other improvised weapons.

We scaled back the size of each undead warband to keep the conflict simple and speed gameplay along. One team consisted of an aristocratic vampire and his horde of zombies, while the other was a band of cannibalistic ghouls lead by a monstrous Strigoi.

Each undead horde had until dawn to feed upon as many hapless villagers as possible, while avoiding the knives and hatchets of the aggressive peasant defenders. And if one vampire was somehow able to dispatch his undead rival, then he could claim full dominion over the feeding grounds!

To watch our vampiric villains confront the frenzied mob (and each other) in search of a meal, check out our special Mordheim Halloween battle report, located at the top of this post.