Necropolis Wargaming Mat and Terrain

If the Doom video games and the movie Event Horizon have taught us anything about clandestine dimensional gateway projects, it’s that accidentally opening a portal to the infernal realm can make a real mess of your research facility, not to mention your researchers.

Though we may never know for sure, it appears that the scientists and engineers working on the Project Necropolis planetary warp gate may have met a similar, gruesome demise, leaving behind only arcane symbols, scorch marks and an HVAC system that looks suspiciously like giant arteries and intestines.

At least that’s what we conclude from the Doom-like graphics on our new scifi-horror themed Necropolis wargaming mat from Gamemats.Eu. We purchased the 3’ x 3’ version of their Necropolis battle mat, which is perfect for our skirmish wargaming table, though these mats are also available in 4’ x 4’ and 6’ x 4’ dimensions for larger tabletop wargames.

We also invested in the Necropolis terrain set, which features a number of industrial pre-painted resin pieces for scifi-themed miniature wargaming. These include two heavy-duty, L-shaped Hab-Blocks, featuring three levels of diamond-plate walkways. We also received two Tech-Shafts, four Tech-Pillars, two Experimental Tanks, four Hab-Block doors and four Barricades, which can act as either corner railings or freestanding barriers.

Ordering large pieces of wargaming terrain from overseas is sometimes a gamble, but in this case everything was very well packaged and arrived fully intact in about three weeks. Plus after seeing our purchases up close, we were really happy with the quality of both the battle mat and resin wargaming terrain.

To watch us unbox our eerie Necropolis wargaming mat and the complementary pre-painted resin terrain, just fire up the media player at the top of this page. We promise it won’t open a dimensional gate to the infernal realm. Trust us.