Open Combat Skirmish Game, Undead vs Elves

In our latest Skirmish Wargames battle report video, we test-drive the eminently playable Open Combat (paid link) system for fighting miniature battles, which describes itself as suitable for both “pre-gunpowder historical and fantasy settings.”

The game’s publisher, Second Thunder (paid link), also produces a Sword Masters (paid link) supplement to Open Combat, designed for creating “exciting adventures of razor-edged wit and dazzling swordplay.” Circumstances permitting, we hope to shoot a follow-up video using the Sword Masters rules sometime in the near future.

Today however, we’re focusing on the Open Combat core system: a set of lean, fast-paced, D6-based rules that allows wargamers to play quick skirmishes in virtually any pre-gunpowder time period or genre, using whatever historical or fantasy miniatures they have in their collections. So if you’ve ever wanted to pit a squad of Roman legionaries against a rampaging band of Orc raiders, or have Arthurian knights battle a Samurai retinue, Open Combat can accommodate all of those troop types and more.

The game is designed to be played on a 24” x 24” battlefield, with roughly six to 10 models per side, though players can easily scale things up by making just a few minor adjustments to the rules. Likewise, Open Combat is written with 28mm figures in mind, but again players can use smaller or larger scale miniatures as they wish.

For our first Open Combat battle report (featured above), we deployed two teams of discount Runewars (paid link) miniatures: an elite elf strike force, and a squad of revenant soldiers led by a fiendish necromancer. The necromancer is suspiciously trying to unseal an ancient mausoleum, while the elves are charged with disrupting his nefarious plans by any means necessary.

Who will triumph in this classic battle between the forces of light and the minions of darkness? All will be revealed as we play our first onscreen game of Open Combat from Second Thunder.